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Spells To Punish Someone

I know that the idea of punishing someone is one that raises a lot of debate and emotions in the process. There are people who believe that as human beings, punishing someone is not something we should give ourselves the power to do yet others argue that we have every right if we are wronged […]

Evil Spells

I know that we spend a great deal of our time discussing spells that can help you achieve your life’s dreams such as spells that give you protection from curses and hexes to the extent that we have totally ignored that there are evil spells. Do you sometimes get worried that your enemies may be […]

Hurt Spells

Whether you believe it or not, every one of us has enemies. Some of the enemies may be declared, and they will let you know that they hate you and at other times such enemies may actually pretend to be your friends. Such enemies are always some of the most dangerous as they can easily […]