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Telekinetic Spells

Anybody who wants to cast spells always enjoys the power to affect objects over large distances. In this world which is forever becoming more connected, more and more spell casters want to be able to work with people in different parts of the world. This is the reason why spells such as telekinetic spells have […]

Illusion Spells

When we talk about spells, it’s common for people to get all serious suddenly. There is no problem with this because spells should indeed be taken seriously. Anyone who believes that spells are a joking matter risks finding the spells backfire on them and produce undesirable results. However, what would you say is I said […]

Levitating Spells

Do you ever notice how many people want to be in control? If you live in a normal society the answer would be many. The reason behind this is that control is a form of power and power gives those who have it the opportunity to have things their own way. Don’t we all want […]