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Nightmare Spells

If you have ever gone to sleep after a day of hard work and expecting a good night sleep only to end waking up in the middle of the night sweating and afraid that you were about to die because of a nightmare, you certainly want to read this article. If the above sentence describes […]

Summon Spells

There is a group of spells which is often ignored by people looking for protection spells which happen to be quite effective: summon spells. These are the spells which I want to talk about in this article today. I want to explain what summon spells and who should actually be considering using these spells. Do […]

Conjuring Spells

While conjuring spells are in actual fact common spells that many people cast every day, the word may sound quite technical to the extent that you could be left wondering what we are talking about when we talk about such spells. Hence, let me start by explaining what the word conjure means. This will then […]

Illusion Spells

When we talk about spells, it’s common for people to get all serious suddenly. There is no problem with this because spells should indeed be taken seriously. Anyone who believes that spells are a joking matter risks finding the spells backfire on them and produce undesirable results. However, what would you say is I said […]

Levitating Spells

Do you ever notice how many people want to be in control? If you live in a normal society the answer would be many. The reason behind this is that control is a form of power and power gives those who have it the opportunity to have things their own way. Don’t we all want […]

Fairy Spells

Do you ever read or listen to fairy tales and wonder why some people have to end up living the lives that they just want. Think about that friend of yours who went down the aisle to marry the man of her dreams. What about that girl who got the job that gets her to […]

Health Spells

Somebody once asked me a question that I think is extremely important: what is more important between wealth and health. I was not sure how to answer this but after thinking deeply I arrived at the answer that health is the most important. I will explain shortly why I thought so. This is how I […]