Category: Types Of Spells

Evil Spells

I know that we spend a great deal of our time discussing spells that can help you achieve your life’s dreams such as spells that give you protection from curses and hexes to the extent that we have totally ignored that there are evil spells. Do you sometimes get worried that your enemies may be […]

Witchcraft Spells

Talk to any witch and they will tell you that casting witchcraft spells can be exciting because there are so many ways through which these spells can be cast. I have seen people cast witchcraft spells for love by simply writing down their intention on a piece of paper and I have seen people develop […]

Charmed Spells

On this website, we spend a great deal of our time discussing real deep stuff like protection spells, spells to attract money, and whether witchcraft is real or not, but today we want to go easy and discuss common questions that come up one in a while: charmed spells. Most of the people who bring […]

Wish Spells

If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride. This is what people tell us every time when we tell them what we are wishing for. What they mean by this is that just wishing something could happen does not make it happen. What would I say if I tell you that wish spells can actually […]

Fire Spells

When handled properly, a fire can be a source of warmth, it can help prepare food and soften the hardest of materials. However, if not handled properly, a fire can be a source of agony as it can destroy everything in its path. The fire has been used by people with the best of intentions […]

Trust Spells

Whether you want to talk about life in the community, at school or at work there is no way you can ignore the importance of trust. It is important because it is the foundation of all human relationships. In actual fact, you will discover that there is no relationship without trust. Even animals know that. […]

Attraction Spells

People are so desperate to be attractive they will use anything they can lay their hands on. Some resort to the use of excessive makeup. Others have been through so many plastic surgeries they are no longer able to count. Yet others have spent a great deal of money but still think they are nowhere […]